Exploring Ho Chi Minh City: A Four-Day Adventure

Day 1: Arrival and Initial Impressions Our journey began with an evening flight at 8 PM from Manila via Cebu Pacific, departing from NAIA Terminal 3. After a smooth three-hour flight, we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at midnight, due to the one-hour time difference with the Philippines. The city greeted us with its bustling midnight vibe as we navigated through immigration and customs.

Our first task on Vietnamese soil was to exchange money. We exchanged 200 USD to VND right at the airport to cover immediate expenses, including our Grab taxi ride to our accommodation, the DHTS Business Hotel and Apartment. The hotel's welcoming security staff assisted us promptly, ensuring a quick check-in so we could rest after the long journey.

Day 2: An Unexpected Turn in Ben Thanh Excited for our first full day, we planned to indulge in Malaysian cuisine at Malaysian Street in Ben Thanh. However, our plans took a twist as we discovered the restaurants were closed for Ramadan. Fortunately, we found Bason Cafe Ben Thanh, where we enjoyed a nice meal before venturing out to explore the area further.

Later, we visited a popular money changer near Ben Thanh Market, bustling with foreigners. Known as the best spot to exchange currency in Ho Chi Minh City, it didn't disappoint. Our day continued with a trip to Ben Thanh Market itself, where we immersed ourselves in the vibrant display of local Vietnamese products. We then met with our supplier of hijabs, followed by a shopping spree at "The New Playground."

Day 3: Coffee and Culture Ho Chi Minh City is famed for its dynamic coffee culture, something we were eager to explore. We spent the day visiting various malls and an entire building dedicated to coffee shops, each offering unique brews and atmospheres. This exploration highlighted the city's modern, youthful spirit and its reverence for the coffee tradition.

Day 4: Culinary Success and Departure We returned to Malaysian Street, hopeful the restaurants would be open. To our delight, they were. We savored traditional Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak and teh tarik—a perfect culinary finale to our trip. After settling our business with the hijab supplier, we enjoyed one last visit to KATIKAT, a local coffee shop known for its delightful offerings.

With our adventure coming to an end, we headed to the airport, spending our last moments in the city enjoying a bowl of Pho before our night flight back to Manila. Reflecting on the trip, each moment—from the unexpected restaurant closures to the joy of discovering local cafes—contributed to a rich tapestry of memories that captured the essence of vibrant Ho Chi Minh City.

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