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Hegira Inspired

Tweely-So Basic Graceful Instant Hijab

Tweely-So Basic Graceful Instant Hijab

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About the Brand

Hegira Inspired, meticulously crafted in Vietnam, mirrors the exceptional quality and design ethos of the renowned Hegira brand from Malaysia. This line offers an array of hijabs that combine the traditional elegance and modern functionality essential for daily wear. Designed to cater to both style and comfort, Hegira Inspired represents the perfect synergy of innovation and craftsmanship, ensuring each piece is not just worn, but cherished. Ideal for those who appreciate high-quality hijabs with a touch of inspiration, Hegira Inspired brings the best of modest fashion directly to your wardrobe.


Introducing Tweely-So Basic Graceful Instant Hijab, the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Made with heavy chiffon, this instant hijab is both lightweight and breathable. Its flowery design adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Say goodbye to complicated hijab styles and hello to effortless grace.

Fabric: Heavy Chiffon

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